Julio Marquez
Julio Marquez
2 min read

Release v0.3.0

We just released a new version of Statusfy with new features and performance improvements: Docker support, new commands, three new languages translate the Interface and more.


Two new commands are now available: delete-incident and update-incident. They are useful if you're managing a huge amount of incidents or multiple languages.

Scheduled Maintenance

We apply minor improvements to the layout of the Scheduled Incidents: the end date is now displayed as well as the incident content. You can also customize the position of this section, choosing one of these options: belowSystems, aboveSystems, and aboveGlobalStatus.


We now officially support Docker. We don't recommend it for production yet, we need your feedback first in order to make sure that the image works properly.

New translations:

Three new languages translate the Interface:

If you're using one of these languages, you no longer need to manually provide a translation file 🤓.

Statusfy Users

If your company or organization is using Statusfy, we welcome you to leave your feedback, feelings, comments, impressions, and suggestions here.

Your comments will be a great motivation for us to improve Statusfy. We are very grateful for your replies and support.

Special Acknowledgement

We would like to thank Thomas Jensen and Janez Troha for having contributed financially to the development of Statusfy through OpenCollective. We are very grateful for their contribution.

Contribute to Statusfy

Statusfy is a completely open source project, created and maintained by Bazzite. It's still a work in progress, so any contribution is very welcome. We're passionate about building a versatile and a lower cost solution.

You can also support us by:

Share you feedback and ideas

If you have Bug reports or Feature requests, use the Issues section or join the conversation on Our Community Chat.

Originally published at bazzite.com on March 1, 2019.
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Julio Marquez
Julio Marquez
2 min read
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